Fontana Leather Design

Black Stitched Belt - White Stitching


Whether you're on a bike, swinging a hammer or heading downtown for a night out, these stitched belts will hold-up your pants and make you look good while doing it.

Hand-crafted from the finest full-grain bridle leather, the thread used for stitching is as robust as the leather, designed to withstand harsh environments, and helps prevent stretching of the leather over use as well as maintaining its colour without fading. 

The stainless steel buckle features rounded edges for comfort, with a robust pin and body that is indestructible. The buckle on most belts is the first to go, mostly by the pin breaking or the buckle body snapping. This buckle, we are confident to say will withstand both these frustrations. 

Measurement and Specs

A very accurate form of measurement is to take your current belt, measuring from the base  (very important! - where the leather or fabric meets the buckle) to the current notch being used. This will give you your current belt size.

If it is a gift or it is impossible to measure, the second best go-to is two sizes up from the current pants size. Example: Size 36 pants is a size 40 belt

Each belt comes pre-punched with seven holes, one inch apart, with the chosen measurement punched in the middle, providing three holes in either direction to ensure confident use for the future, both for summer and winter ;)  

We hard-rivet them with stainless steel rivets; please indicate on order, as we can add-snaps as well. 


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